Genesis - HD Lens Selector

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*Single Layer anti scratch anti-fog UV400 cylindrical PC shatter proof lens that come in multi color HD Revo coating options as well as our standard Clear lens all equipped with tear off lens posts and offer Tear-Offs that contain (10) clear tear off lenses per pack...That come with our Premium package option or sold separately for your convenience

*Our HD Revo coated lenses offer a (very) slight tint almost like your wearing a Clear lens for Optimal clear vision in any terrain or lighting and has the added UV400 protection and Mirror finishes that shine nice and colorful in the Sun to reflect the direct sunlight light away paired with the UV400 coating to help filter out any of those nasty little UV rays you don't want. Doing this helps us have the best of both worlds to still be able to have complete clear vision we find in a standard clear lens without having to sacrifice safety for good looks having that Rad HD Revo mirror finish

*All of our goggles meet or exceeded all safety test requirements/regulations and have CE EN1938 certification and are backed and covered by our own warrantee program (please see warrantee section for details)